&nbsp The Milkish Way is a production building that uses Verde to produce milk. Milk can be use to make Ice Cream when added to Frozen in the Greenery Creamery.

The Milkish Way

  • Price $500 per building
  • 2 energy to build
  • 2 exp for building building (1 exp per energy used)
  • 2 Verde per milk
  • produces 10 milk per building
  • uses 20 Verde for 10 milk
  • production time 5 min per milk
  • Production time 46 min for 10 milk
  • 1 energy used per building to collect production (amount being produced does not matter)
  • 1 exp per building for picking up production
  • sell value $70 per milk
  • batch bonus $7 for 10 milk
  • Sell value including batch bonus $707 per 10 milk

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